Hey there stranger!

I'm moo and I enjoy tearing down things and discovering how they work, since tech is an ardent love of mine.  I like finding fun projects to work on in my spare time and learning about various subjects. I’m absolutely in love with routing protocols and lower layer infrastructure and am a problem and puzzle solving enthusiast.

I have an Associate degree of Applied Science, in Information Technology, and am currently working on a Bachelor's degree in Cybersecurity & Information Assurance from Western Governor's University.

I also compete in CTFs like Metasploit, Defcon, CCDC and The Diana Initiative, along with doing write-ups on Hack The Box and TryHackMe machines. I enjoy documentation writing about various flaws/vulnerabilities, and have volunteered at Defcon (Blue Team Village), HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth - Physical Security), The Diana Initiative (Community Manager) and Hacking Diversity; along with winning a WISP (Women in Security & Privacy) scholarship.